Next Week We Vote On Our Future….

To some of us living in the US we cannot wait for this election to end. It has tested the patience of so many people. Usually, we look forward towards an election as you look forward to a new chapter in a book. We also look forward to exercising our one and only ability to effect change in our country. Once done, we cannot change it for four years.

I have to admit, I have stayed up nights listening to pundits and news shows to understand how a nation could have reached a consensus of this type. I watch surrogates from each party scream at the top of their voices with a fervor that I have never seen before in an election. The anger alone, is frightening since it is unrecognizable from any previous election. The lack of decency, the name calling of future presidents and past leaders is beyond comprehension. The once feeling of honor, not with politics, but with sane leadership has gone missing. With one word you can take the work performed for the country over many years and eliminate the honor associated with that achievement.

I think that the entertainment value of this election has far superseded the importance of choice to make for the future.

In a way the nation needed this catharsis – we have been conceptually divided for many years. Now we are truly divided as a nation in an indisputable way. We have a true disparity in wealth. We have a fear of the future living in a society that measures almost everything through personal wealth. I admit, my generation helped form this ideal with our tremendous emphasis on consumerism and wealth comparison. So many men and women measure themselves by their job or position, and avoid looking at true wealth in family and health. The gap is enormous and the seething words mask what was once the most democratic experiment on earth.

We can no longer be the role model for progressive politics or culture. The cracks in our belief systems are evident every day. It is almost as if we are working with a governance platform that have little or no fundamental principles and very little clear ties to the real world our citizens are living.

I sense a fear of the future, regardless of which nominee is elected. This is caused by a gap of understanding within this nation of over 360 million people. All of the modern means of communications – email, internet, television only act to give voice to the few and not the masses. The polls seem to reflect some truth, until an event changes them. There are so many polls that one begins to root for one poll like rooting for a baseball team.

Another positive, is that Obama will finally receive that accolades he so much deserved for his leadership over the last eight years. The decency that he and his family have shown is remarkable. The patience and care he has shown for his country is unbelievable. To see a president cry at the sight of children dead because of a maniac with a gun is a sign of humanity, something we do not see across our leadership today.

I believe that in ten years time, when we look back at his time in the White House he will be known as one of the most enlightened presidents we have ever had. I think that his most precious gift to our nation is that he made us color blind.

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