A consultant’s view of the ‘deconstruction of America’

I have often used the technique of deconstructing a business in order to break down the business into its fundamentals. It often means breaking down the business model first to see how the business ‘ticks’. We move onto the organization, process, technology and finally performance measures. At the end, we have components all strewn about. What may have been 200 years of activity, life and culture had not only been dissected but now lies, inert ready to be analyzed. From then we analyze these components and begin to rebuild, again starting with a new business model that will become the framework for the new construction.

Why do I bring this up – it is because I am witnessing the deconstruction of America by a President and his advisors set upon to ‘make it great again’.
In history, we call this anarchy with the added ingredient of chaos. Anarchy requires chaos to succeed else it will have opposition from rational thinking. Anarchy is not the end state of a nation or ideology but the means to reach some sort of new state based on whatever formulation of principles of some sort of order and law.

We have a President that has never known anarchy or for that matter any type of social upheaval. He does have an advisor that has studied this topic and through a history of being a lone voice, a prophet never listened to, has found a disciple. Not just any disciple, but one that had the means and lack of morality to bring this team to the most powerful office in the world.

While this may sound extreme, history has shown that it was a tactic by autocratic leaders going back to the Greeks. Similarly, when it was impossible to conceive of change through peace and or war, anarchy or self-destruction often allowed a country or people to wipe the slate clean and start again.

In my life I have witnessed war, peace rallies, protest under dictatorship, protest under a democracy, anarchists in the streets chased by police. I have seen much of the world and what we humans have put in place to control us, or to point us in a single direction and possibly avoid chaos.

But I have never seen what is happening in 2016-2017. It is almost like following a script from history. The president, as soon as he came to office executed on a mission to discredit the basic components of our democracy. He used the political ‘greed’ of the majority party to create a contract. Let me do my thing and I will support your agenda in Congress.

And so the show began. First the free and open media, or the primary tool of democracy was discredited. Then the voice of opposition (million person protests’, and then the ultimate – create chaos through the use of executive power – immigration, border walls, climate change and elimination of common sense regulations. If you notice there is a furious pace to these executive orders so as to foment increased chaos.

But history has shown us that if we stick to our principles of being human beings much can be,not only stopped, but prevented.

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