Why America First Will Never Work

The day of globalist vs nationalist is over.  That is to say, that there are no isolated countries on our planet. Even North Korea is connected to the internet and is not isolate. Similarly, every country’s GNP is tied to the world as a whole. It has not been generated within the borders of any in the country in at least 100 years. There is not one economy on earth that can say that is self-sufficient.

Whether as a country you need raw materials, weaponry, education, export your goods, get foreign investments, you are dependent on others outside your borders.

For the US, the global manufacturing companies have constructed a global supply chain where they source parts and resources from the least cost countries. They then do the actual assembly in the country which has the lowest cost labor. Thus Apple or Nike designs the product in the US, parts are manufactured all over the world on a precise on-demand basis then assembled in China. Even the auto manufacturing used to have its suppliers within a few miles of the factory. No more. They manufacture some of the cars in the US, even assemble it, but are dependent on other countries for other parts. The internet allows them to manage inventory and reduce waste in, often, real time.

Thus we can never step out of the global community and say we will go our own way. This idea of isolation when it comes to affecting air, earth, and water is bogus. Again, there is only one community we are part of – the global community. We have no choice anymore in that position. No country is an island due to the introduction of virtual vs physical.

Thus by not participating in the Paris Accord, our companies will be subjected to pollution requirements in all countries that are part of the accord, and thus not join in global standards set by all.

But how ridiculous to say America First for air and water when both do not have borders. Air and water flow freely across our globe thus it is foolish to say we will only focus on that part of the earth we call America. This is like being part of the problem or part of the solution. Really.

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