No Pivot Expected From Trump

The word ‘unprecedent’ has become a label for everything this President does. It used to have a good connotation, but given his actions to date, it has become a word that strikes fear in most. It is evidenti that Trump will continue to do and say bad things. He will continue to deconstruct his predecessor’s legacy. He will continue to live in his world of lies, but mistrust everybody else, even his closest friends and family.

The reason is that for the majority of his life Trump was never a member of society. He lived in his world constructed by his father in order to become his father successor. Not even his brothers and sisters were a part of his world. In living in your own world for so long you develop your own sense of reality. If you have the money, you can construct a tower which rises above others so that you literally feel the class difference every time you go up the elevator.

In this world, Trump read as little as possible and watched TV to understand the outside world. In his world everything was about the next deal. You did not prepare, you could count on force, physical presence to overcome objections and make a deal. You never took responsibility for anything, you always found a way to divert the blame on others.

Since Trump kept little if any records he could always depend on alibi that he was not there or not connected. The last bit is ever so true. Trump is not connected to anything except bright lights and TV. He reprises his role on The Apprentice even as he conducts himself as President. But he is not President. He is his fathers son, ruthless, bigoted and cruel.

He feels that business is war, yet has no idea of war. He feals his whole family is expandable in order to attain success. He alsways has an escape plan. He also has a reserve of hate and lacks any empathy. In short he is the anti-President. He feeds on rabble rousing and an air superiority, which his followers love.

To resist Trunp and remove him, you do not abandon your role as senator or congressman. Your 15 minutes of rebellion will end by the next morning newscast. So I ask those in Congress, complete the job, elminate this Frankenstein you created, bury the notes and lets hope he nver rises again.