The Sabbath Massacre

Today, in a Pittsburg synagogue an indeterminate human killed 11 Jewish worshipers in the hallowed halls of this synagogue. Ironically, an eight-day  old baby was introduced to Judaism and to his new Jewish name. This while the shooter killed old and young Jews in the sanctuary.

Sanctuary, is meant to be a safe place for all, Jews and non-Jews. This incident has now burnt into the American Jewish history as the worst massacre of Jews in 200 years.

But behind the words and the actions there is a rise of nationalism and nativism. There is a concern of a portion of our population that does not want to give up their culture to a more diverse culture. Our President feels that this movement will make America Great Again. This country strength today and tomorrow will,in fact, be diversity.

Inclusiveness is a tradition in America. We have a President that wants to build a wall, not to increase legal immigration, but to keep out refugees and desperate families walking thousand of miles for only one reason-hope. Words matter, ignorance also matters. When you mix the two, others who are equally angry start believing hateful and dark leaders. Repeat the message and lies often enough and hate like a cancer grows. It thrives on increased hate of other humans, simply because the are ‘other’.

I have fought a war against hate for my people and my home, Israel. Like America, Israel is an idea, one that Jews have never had in their long history their own home. America and its democracy, it’s melting pot, is a much larger idea, this one for all humans under threat, or decimated from attempts of genocide.

If we are ever to achieve true humanism, we need to return to basic values such as ‘my brothers keeper’, golden rules and above all the fact that we are all equal, and the survival  of our species is in our hands.