“What have you got to lose ?” President Trump, speech to minorities.

In New York City, this line is usually used as a last resort when trying to close a deal. The idea is that it is an informal ultimatum, do the deal and you can only gain, do not do the deal and you will lose. Trumps’ transactions were always between losers and winners.

Today, we all, but especially the black and brown Americans have lost more than they we could have ever imagined when the deal was presented. We have 110,000k souls dead from the COVID19 virus, of which a disproportoinate came from communities of color. More adult African American males are killed by policeman than any other citizens. Trump, as result of mishandling the virus has wreaked havoc on the economy where again black and brown people are affected with a larger number of unemployed and longer timeline for recovery than any other group.

I could go on with healthcare, education and any other benefit from being a citizen of this country, but the number will always be worse. From a global perspective Trump has hollowed out the Climate Change regulations that, as the second largest polluter in the world would continue the misery of people in Africa, Latin America and Asia with an increased frequency and intensity of earthquakes, droughts, flooding and disease. If this continues than the droughts can transform areas of Sub Saharn Africa to a continent of hunger, of terrorism, and ultimately a threat to other continents.

Further more, he has only widened the wealth gap, has increased starvation, homelessness and sicknesses with again a dispoportionate impact on minorities. The virus was, or as call it, a species killer, had its greates success around the world in 3rd world countries. It will never be eradicated unless we remove vulenrability due to lack of wealth, lack of technology and poor health systems.

The realization of loss, daily, intentional exhaustive misery cannot be quantified. The increased enforcement of MAGA, which was intended to be the winner of this transaction has only resulted in America dropping a few notches on the world stage. I believe we were already great, but have now regressed to sit next to other countries that are ‘ghost’ democracies.

The protests are an overwhelming response to Trumps deal. We do not want it, we do not want to be winners in a world of inequality. We are watching people die on mass because of bad decisions and basic ingnorance from a very bad salesman,never a leader. The protesters are asking for the misery to end. For us to deal with our original sin, our weakest link, racism, once and for all, and to inject new energy into the words of our founding fathers.

We have cleaned up the White House more than once in our history. Each time we returned to our basic principles and values. Each time it was hard. With technology and the internet today it will be even harder, but we have no choice, we need to reject “what do you have to lose” or that our country wants to win over the basic principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.