Was This An Election or Have We, As A Nation Just Revolted ?

Beginning four years ago, we all began to watch the dissolution of our Constitution, our government and yes our Democracy into an autocracy complete with a pseudo-dictator and a majority legislative body for support. We all watched with trepediation and norms were eliminated, institutions vacated and law and order impotent in its execution and thought.

It seemed that every Fiday evening we watched another wound to our governance bodies, another legal reversal and finally the passage of laws that weakened Lincoln’s divided House.

We began to see the trappings of a 20’s revolution, that seemingly looked like the one of 1776. Americans, multigenerational, families. and children would be out in the streets of our major cities using digital tools to organize and synchronize small rebellions against the autocracy in Washington. Young generations finally found a cause, older generations were reminded of the “Movement” of the 60’s when similar words were used to demean the virtue of the protests.

The long lived stain of racism and slavery was integrated into the platform of the protest movements all with the intent of having an equal voice. This was the preparation needed to ultimately succeed in the revolution of Nov 3, 2021. And yes this was a contrast between the character of the protestors and the leader of our country and the Republican party. Literally, battle lines were being drawn from Main Street to Pennsylvania Avenue.

And then another war began – a silent, invisible war, the pandemic. In fighting this war, we saw the true nature of our President and his party to . We saw a common trait of shared by autocracies of past history – the devaluation of human life to gain more power and wealth. It was the cold hard truth that 250,000 Americans died because of our leader and his party retreated rather than fight the worst mass death in American History. The solemn oath of the President and all government officials to protect all Americans from foreign and domestic enemies was broken.

So on November 3, we went to the battle armed with the only weapon we had left – our individual vote. But unlike any other election ever, this was seemingly not enough to defeat our President and his party. It took a series skirmishes to defeat his minions, county by county, state by state till the nation could agree that we once again destroyed an newer autocracy, as we did in 1776.

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