Should the Legacy of the Trump Presidency Include a Human Rights Trial?

The Trump legacy will always include an impeachment conviction. But the scope of his miserable deeds and actions upon so many both here and outside the US. His racism has known few boundaries. His hatred of other cultures, religions follows lessons taught to him by his father, a firm believer of Aryan supremacy.

In his desire to win, gain more power and money, he set aside any feelings towards his fellow man. His inhuman desire for revenge for disloyalty also had no bounds. But I digress.

In order to be put on trial at The Hague the case needs victims who suffered directly at the hands of the President. In fact documentation is often required that substantiate the acts against large numbers of individuals, more importantly, targets of his aggression.

Incidentally, Trump, has self documented almost every day, sometimes hours, of his presidency. The documentation will be available for generations to come through his Tweets, Press conferences, video speeches, and recordings. He will not need a Library.

Having documented intentions, executive orders and other material let’s identify the victims. I will start off with Americans that died of COVID19, as of July 26, 2020, 150,000.

The intention was clear from the beginning-to be re-elected while suppressing any bad news or showing a willingness to address the epidemic as one of the worst in US history. In this the President broke the Constitutional directive to “to protect America from foreign and domestic enemies.” This is not only a prime obligation, but the lack of accountability or empathy, is, frankly, inhuman and should be set as an example to all leaders.

The families and children that came up from Central America to escape death in their own homelands, only to be treated with the most inhuman zeal to put them in cages, and ultimately separate them. In a country formed through immigration, Trump from the beginning, and working with his immigration architect, Steven Miller, stomped on the human rights of these individuals, Moslems from outside of the US the resulted in children’s deaths, not to mention the potential deaths of those deported.

But as the beacon of freedom, the US has now abandoned all sense of defending human rights for those most vulnerable. In most cases, abandonment would most assuredly result in deaths. Here the number of victims may not be as precise, but nevertheless deaths resulted. I am reflecting on the Syrian refugees and the Kurds. The one, the Syrians, we simply closed the doors on, even as our allies took them in. The Kurds, who were our Allies in the fight against ISIS, we abandoned to the genocidal instincts of the Turks.

I see this trial to be Trump vs the oft quoted American ideal of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. It will be sometime until the toll of death and misery is taken both domestically and globally. But like past dictators, others that wrought such misery on so many people, justice needs to be served.


Trump – Taking the Measure of the Man

Before the internet, radio or television, we had to use all our senses including a  good deal of common sense to ‘take the measure of the man or women’./ It meant that we reverted to our survival instincts and used all of our senses to form a composite of the person we were trying to know. Thus we would not let one sense take over our analysis unless we had a bias from past meetings. In fact, our composite was an insight into the person so that we could not just listen to a speech but tried to understand the meaning of the words.

We would use our smell to understand if the person was nervous or anxious. We would use our sight to picture the face as it rolled from emotion to emotion. In fact, we could deduce an ‘evil’ or joyful’ face from the many expressions.

Today we rely of text or twitter, possibly a video, or picture to create a partial composite. We then validate that composite based upon our ideology, philosophy, class or background. We rarely look at the facts as that requires work and time. We are passive as images and sound our beamed at us. We fall into a non-questioning state, or non-interactive state as when we watch a movie, or listen to the radio.

As such Trump, know ing this from his days on reality TV, acts even when he tweets. The basis of our analysis is built on his moods and lies. In the old days, all of our senses combined could detect a lie. Today there are too many walls to climb.

Now when alike is repeated you limited senses slowly become inured to the lie and after the fourth time, it becomes true or factual.

We need to go back thousands of years to wake up instinctual senses in order to take a full measure of Trump. When we do, we need to capture that moment of understanding and use it for future comparison.

It follows that the cult of Trump is measured the same way. A seemingly large group of individuals who have long ago abandoned any thought of working hard to discern the measure of the man, from the digital profile of the same.

Next time you read a tweet, see a video, cut through the image and the words and see if you can ascertain the composite, lies, outlandish behavior and all in order to see the true Trump.

The only plus side of Trump’s behaviour is the fact that Twitter and speeches videos will be the basis of his history. Every day of his term has either been documented in a Tweet or a video. His behaviour is limited to those words and his speech to his form of entertainment. We will not need a long analysis to see his legacy, as this log of his term will give us sufficient evidence of his sick mind.

Syria, the EPA and Children

Wed, April 5, 2017

When you read this it would have been a week since chemical bombs were dropped on a rebel-held village in Syria killing men, women, and children. I would like you to focus on the children here (as difficult it is to watch suffocating children), because two days earlier, President Trump and EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt signed another executive order allowing the use of a chemical pesticide that the EPA’s own laboratories proved to be harmful to children and animals. Upon signing the order the President looked up to his right and smiling, handed the pen he just used to the CEO of Dow Chemicals.

Further to this event and the day before the bombing the Secretary of State announced that we cannot do anything about Assad and that the Syrian people will have to do something. The day after the bombing Shawn Spicer, the President’s spokesman blamed the Obama administration and its weak approach towards Assad, for the bombing and pictures of suffocating children.

Ok, so what does this all have to do with anything. I believe we are watching the ‘deconstruction’ of what makes America really great. Not that we should be the policeman of the world, or that we should stop every war that is out there, or that we need to spread our political system everywhere or that we should constantly preach the greatness of our Constitution. No, we are watching our own moral base as a nation become impervious to the wrong doing all around us.

Our forefathers must have been prescient in separating religion from state. I think they were counting on morality to be the final check and balance to the actions of the state. Well, we are facing a major moral test now. What are we going to do?

When I used the word ‘deconstruction’, I took it out of context. It was used by Steve Bannon, as ‘deconstruction of the administration,’ at a rally for conservatives. We are witnessing the deconstruction of moral truths that all parties ascribed too since 1776. We are told to equate religion with terrorism, we are told to equate nationality with people that are rapist and drug runners. We are told that women are still objects and that have still to prove themselves to men in the workplace. We are told that, while a man has total control of his body, women do not.

But the ultimate moral outrage comes from watching adults in our government and overseas ruin the lives of children today and for the future. These are beings that are born into chemical bombs dropping on them, playing in a field unaware of the poison they breathe. Or simply drinking water that appears so clean and taste so good but could lead to long-term maladies.
I often wonder if Trump a grandfather, or the parents and grandparents of children that sit in the Congress and Senate ever reflect on their decisions and what the impact will be not just to their constituents but on their familial legacy.

The operative word and the mission for the EPA are protection. In fact, it is the legal duty of the agency. Yet we are seeing the deconstruction of this agency resulting in the poisoning of rivers with coal dust, removing air pollution regulations, allowing for the drilling of more oil when none is needed and stopping the move towards clean energy. We are further told that all of this is being done to increase employment in the US (note – now that Trump is president he is accepting the Obama rising employment figuresI) I am pretty sure that if given the choice between living and having a job, I would opt for living, especially for my children. That last one, well we promised to do that with 150 other countries, who as one of two major polluters in this world can make the ultimate difference.

A consultant’s view of the ‘deconstruction of America’

I have often used the technique of deconstructing a business in order to break down the business into its fundamentals. It often means breaking down the business model first to see how the business ‘ticks’. We move onto the organization, process, technology and finally performance measures. At the end, we have components all strewn about. What may have been 200 years of activity, life and culture had not only been dissected but now lies, inert ready to be analyzed. From then we analyze these components and begin to rebuild, again starting with a new business model that will become the framework for the new construction.

Why do I bring this up – it is because I am witnessing the deconstruction of America by a President and his advisors set upon to ‘make it great again’.
In history, we call this anarchy with the added ingredient of chaos. Anarchy requires chaos to succeed else it will have opposition from rational thinking. Anarchy is not the end state of a nation or ideology but the means to reach some sort of new state based on whatever formulation of principles of some sort of order and law.

We have a President that has never known anarchy or for that matter any type of social upheaval. He does have an advisor that has studied this topic and through a history of being a lone voice, a prophet never listened to, has found a disciple. Not just any disciple, but one that had the means and lack of morality to bring this team to the most powerful office in the world.

While this may sound extreme, history has shown that it was a tactic by autocratic leaders going back to the Greeks. Similarly, when it was impossible to conceive of change through peace and or war, anarchy or self-destruction often allowed a country or people to wipe the slate clean and start again.

In my life I have witnessed war, peace rallies, protest under dictatorship, protest under a democracy, anarchists in the streets chased by police. I have seen much of the world and what we humans have put in place to control us, or to point us in a single direction and possibly avoid chaos.

But I have never seen what is happening in 2016-2017. It is almost like following a script from history. The president, as soon as he came to office executed on a mission to discredit the basic components of our democracy. He used the political ‘greed’ of the majority party to create a contract. Let me do my thing and I will support your agenda in Congress.

And so the show began. First the free and open media, or the primary tool of democracy was discredited. Then the voice of opposition (million person protests’, and then the ultimate – create chaos through the use of executive power – immigration, border walls, climate change and elimination of common sense regulations. If you notice there is a furious pace to these executive orders so as to foment increased chaos.

But history has shown us that if we stick to our principles of being human beings much can be,not only stopped, but prevented.

See the next blog

The Day After the Election of Donald Trump…Fall of our Discontent

We began our day in a deep depression. Even nature agreed with our mood as the dark gray skies hovered over the land of the free and the brave. What we witnessed last night was a classical switch and bait political extravaganza. Additionally, a scapegoating technique that worked so well for Hitler. From his entry into politics, Donald Trump identified a person(s) and ran a parallel treatment – demean them name call them and keep blaming them for everything that has gone wrong. Do not allow any one to interfere with your message, manage the media with an entertaining personality (a TV personality will do well) and keep this going relentlessly using lines and names that people can easily repeat. After awhile the people who follow you see what you see – an enemy and someone to hate.

When you have achieved the level of hate, you know that no decency or fact can penetrate that emotion. People will believe what every you tell them. The see this focused hate as the culmination of their frustration with leadership and country. The pure unfairness takes over any type of logic. The noise drowns out any type of clear thinking.

The entire election was about Trump and Trumps ideology and ideas. Hate and lack of fear and recriminations, bolstered by wealth, created an impervious candidate. You could not touch him even if you were the President of the US, the FBI or the CIA.

He did not stand up for America as he stood up for himself. But it will be hubris that will eventually have him come down in flames. For all of his promises to the hateful, they can just as easily turn on him when he defaults. The same mob he created will turn on him when he fails to deliver, when he fails to fill the gap that they see so clearly in their lives.

This can only be accelerated when his secrets are revealed. If those secrets in any way demean his supporters, their country or used to undermine the country, the mob will be vicious.

I believe the first 100 days will be spent in establishing his platform so that he can operate as freely as possible:

To that end keep a look out for the follow on steps of every dictator once they attain power;

  • Restrictions imposed on freedom of the press
  • Elimination of disloyal legislatures and Republican leadership
  • Wide spread changing of the miliary leadership
  • Elimination of social programs that he never depended on given his wealth
  • Ironically, the creation of a ruling class and a working classes
  • State run internet, TV and Radio

The only thing that can impede , but not stop his pace will be the checks and balances between the three power based in our government and the States.

Thus when most presidents say they will unite the country they do it. This president will make motions toward unity but I belive he will create an impenetrable platform to gain even more power.

Next Week We Vote On Our Future….

To some of us living in the US we cannot wait for this election to end. It has tested the patience of so many people. Usually, we look forward towards an election as you look forward to a new chapter in a book. We also look forward to exercising our one and only ability to effect change in our country. Once done, we cannot change it for four years.

I have to admit, I have stayed up nights listening to pundits and news shows to understand how a nation could have reached a consensus of this type. I watch surrogates from each party scream at the top of their voices with a fervor that I have never seen before in an election. The anger alone, is frightening since it is unrecognizable from any previous election. The lack of decency, the name calling of future presidents and past leaders is beyond comprehension. The once feeling of honor, not with politics, but with sane leadership has gone missing. With one word you can take the work performed for the country over many years and eliminate the honor associated with that achievement.

I think that the entertainment value of this election has far superseded the importance of choice to make for the future.

In a way the nation needed this catharsis – we have been conceptually divided for many years. Now we are truly divided as a nation in an indisputable way. We have a true disparity in wealth. We have a fear of the future living in a society that measures almost everything through personal wealth. I admit, my generation helped form this ideal with our tremendous emphasis on consumerism and wealth comparison. So many men and women measure themselves by their job or position, and avoid looking at true wealth in family and health. The gap is enormous and the seething words mask what was once the most democratic experiment on earth.

We can no longer be the role model for progressive politics or culture. The cracks in our belief systems are evident every day. It is almost as if we are working with a governance platform that have little or no fundamental principles and very little clear ties to the real world our citizens are living.

I sense a fear of the future, regardless of which nominee is elected. This is caused by a gap of understanding within this nation of over 360 million people. All of the modern means of communications – email, internet, television only act to give voice to the few and not the masses. The polls seem to reflect some truth, until an event changes them. There are so many polls that one begins to root for one poll like rooting for a baseball team.

Another positive, is that Obama will finally receive that accolades he so much deserved for his leadership over the last eight years. The decency that he and his family have shown is remarkable. The patience and care he has shown for his country is unbelievable. To see a president cry at the sight of children dead because of a maniac with a gun is a sign of humanity, something we do not see across our leadership today.

I believe that in ten years time, when we look back at his time in the White House he will be known as one of the most enlightened presidents we have ever had. I think that his most precious gift to our nation is that he made us color blind.